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Shipping, delivery and tracking

What are the estimated delivery times for different regions/countries?

You can check delivery times in the Shipping Policy. Click here to see it. Remember that delivery times are always indicative.

How can I track my order?

Once you have placed your order you will receive an email with tracking instructions. You can also track your order by clicking here.

Can I change the shipping address after I have placed my order?

Please contact us as soon as possible. If the order has not been processed we can modify the delivery address. Send an email to

How much is the shipping?

It will depend on the amount of your cart and the shipping address. You can consult the Shipping Policy without problem.

Return and Refund

What is the deadline to make a return?

You have 30 days after receiving the product to carry out the return process. If you want more information, consult the Return Policy .

What conditions must the products meet to receive the refund?

The products must be in perfect condition, in the same way in which they were received. Unused, with the original label and packaging. Check the Return Policy for full details.

What does the return cost?

You will be refunded the full amount of the product. However, transportation costs are the responsibility of the customer. Consult the Return Policy for more information.

How long will it take to receive a refund after returning?

Once the return has passed quality control, we will process the refund. At that point you will receive the money in your account within 2-3 business days.

How can I start the return process?

If you want to start the return process you must fill out the Returns Form .

Product guarantee

What does your product warranty cover?

The quality guarantee offers coverage for your products against factory defects, premature problems in a product or discrepancies with respect to recommended use. See the Warranty Policy for more details.

How can I claim the warranty if my product is defective?

To submit a guarantee request you must fill out the Guarantee Form.

Do you offer repair service for products out of warranty?

Each item we sell has a 2-year warranty. At the moment we do not have a post-warranty repair plan, but we would love to help you with this in the future. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with our news.

How can I avoid common problems to ensure its longevity?

To ensure that your backpacks and panniers last a long time, we recommend cleaning them regularly with a soft cloth moistened with a solution of water and neutral soap. Avoid overloading them and store them in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight . Periodically check the seams for possible wear and enjoy your Shad Bikes products for much longer!

Installation and assembly on bicycles

How do I install the bags/panniers on my bike?

Very easy! KLICKfix® fixings are designed for quick and easy assembly. You can consult the assembly and disassembly manual by clicking here.

Do I need special tools to install your products on my bike?

No tools are required to install the bags on the bike. However, for some fixings or couplings that must go on the bicycle you will need basic tools, such as an Allen wrench or a star screwdriver. Consult the product manuals for more information.

Can they be installed on bicycles with disc brakes?

Without any problem!

How do I adjust the saddlebags to ensure secure mounting and prevent shifting?

Follow the instructions you will find in the product manual of your backpack or bag.

Care and characteristics

Are Shad Bikes backpacks and bags waterproof?

All backpacks are water resistant, but not completely waterproof.

The Daily and Executive families have a rain cover to cover the bag in rainy environments.

The Office Bag and the Backpack from the Genuine range have an IPX5 waterproof compartment.

What cleaning products can I use with backpacks and bike bags?

It is recommended to only use a soft cloth moistened with a solution of water and neutral soap.

How do I keep or store luggage when I'm not using it?

When you are not using Shad Bikes luggage, it is best to store it in a cool, dry place, away from sources of direct sunlight. Make sure they are clean and dry before storing.

Bicycle Compatibility

What do I need to use Shad Bikes luggage on my bike?

Very easy! A luggage rack with a tube diameter between 8 and 16 mm for the rear of the bicycle or one of the KLICKfix® Adapters for the saddle or handlebar of your bicycle.

If I don't have a traditional luggage rack, what luggage can I put?

In that case you can only add products made for handlebars or saddle to your bicycle.

Can I use Shad Bikes luggage on an electric bike?

No problem! You just have to check if the diameter of the luggage rack and handlebar tube meets the requirements of each fixation.

KLICKfix® fixings

What is the KLICKfix® anchoring system?

It is the attachment system that we use so that you can anchor your backpack, bag or briefcase to the bicycle in an easy, quick and safe way.

What bags fit with KLICKfix®?

All ShadBikes bags and backpacks attach with KLICKfix®, except for the Executive Bar Bag 3L and Genuine Bar Bag 3L. For the Daily Bar Bag 6L and the Genuine Backpack 8L you will need to purchase an adapter from KLICKfix®.

Is any additional system needed that is not included with the product?

A rack with a maximum diameter of 16 or 22 mm (depending on the product) for luggage that is anchored to the rear of the bike, and, for the Daily Bar Bag 6L and the Genuine Backpack 8L, you will need to purchase an adapter from KLICKfix ® .

Can I buy replacement bindings?

Of course! If you need a KLICKfix® replacement or adapter you can buy it without problem on our website by clicking here.