Urban lights

At Shad Bikes, your safety while riding, especially when night falls or visibility is not the best, is our primary concern. Therefore, we want to talk to you about our bicycle lights.

The bicycle lights that we offer you are not just another accessory for your bike. They are, without a doubt, a fundamental and necessary accessory for you to enjoy a safe route, both for you and for those who share the path with you. Because our bicycle lights are designed and designed to offer you maximum visibility. We want you to be seen and for you to also have a clear and broad vision during your bike ride.

And what else can we tell you about Shad Bikes bicycle lights? Well, they are powerful, with lighting that reaches far, but safely for the eyes of others. In addition, you will have no problem placing your new lights on your bike, regardless of its type or model. They are easy to install and fit perfectly. And you know what else? The bicycle lights that we offer you have a compact design and are resistant to bad weather. In other words: made to last and accompany you on many adventures!

Do you already know our bicycle lights? If not yet, let us tell you a little more about these essential traveling companions. Shad Bikes bicycle lights are not a simple addition or complement. Our bicycle lights are a guarantee of safety, an essential accessory that cannot be missing from your equipment if you are one of those who loves to pedal.

The bicycle lights that we design for you have as their main mission to offer you maximum visibility. We want that with our bicycle lights, every route you take is safe, and that both you and other road users can move with confidence, seeing and being seen clearly, thus reducing the risks of accidents.

In addition, we cannot fail to mention that our bike lights are easy to install. Our bicycle lights adapt and adjust perfectly to all types and models of bicycles, providing the lighting that will make you visible and recognizable from a distance. The design of the bicycle lights is compact and very resistant to adverse weather conditions, because we know that not even the rain can stop good cyclists!

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