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At Shad Bikes, our passion for urban micromobility translates into offering you bicycle backpacks that make you enjoy each trip to the fullest. For this reason, we have dedicated a special space to bicycle backpacks, also known as urban bicycle backpacks or urban bike backpacks. At Shad Bikes, you will find a wide selection of bike backpacks to suit your needs and preferences.

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Are you an urban cyclist looking for comfort and practicality on every trip? Then our bike backpacks are perfect for you. Designed with a fresh touch and focused on your needs, they will give you the freedom to move around the city without ties. Our bike backpacks fit perfectly to your body, distributing the weight evenly so you can pedal in total comfort. In addition, its aerodynamic design reduces wind resistance, allowing you to reach greater speed with less effort.

Tired of uncomfortable backpacks that ruin your bike ride? At Shad Bikes we have the solution: bicycle backpacks that are easy to assemble and have ergonomics that you will love. Forget about complications! Shad Bikes bicycle backpacks: easy, practical and comfortable. Perfect for:

  • Urban cycling: with style and functionality for your daily life.
  • City Rides: Enjoy the city hassle-free with a lightweight and practical city bike backpack.
  • Bike tours: Adventure freely with a bike backpack that can hold all your gear.

At Shad Bikes, your passion for the city on two wheels inspires us. That's why we've designed a line of bike backpacks that redefines awesomeness in terms of urban functionality.

Forget the weight and feel the freedom:

  • Light and ergonomic: designed for you to move with total freedom.
  • Adaptable to you: they adjust to your body for a personalized experience.
  • Capacity and organization: space for everything you need in your daily life.

More than a backpack, an experience

  • Security: security materials and systems to protect your belongings.
  • Comfort: padding and ergonomic design for greater comfort.
  • Style: a perfect complement to your urban look.

Discover the advantages of a Shad Bikes bicycle backpack

Ditch the weight and feel the freedom with Shad Bikes city bike backpacks, designed to redefine awesome in terms of urban functionality. Its lightness and ergonomics allow you to move with total freedom, adapting to your body for a personalized experience. Enjoy space and organization for everything you need in your daily life.

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