Urban backpacks

At Shad Bikes we are true enthusiasts of urban micromobility, we want to offer you products that make you smile while you move on your bike. One of our favorite corners is the space dedicated to bicycle backpacks, designed for active people like you!

We have been inspired by urban cyclists, those who look for backpacks for their bicycle that are comfortable and practical for each trip. Thus, we have designed bike backpacks with a fresh touch and totally focused on your needs, so that you feel the freedom to go wherever you want, without ties!

Shad Bikes bike backpacks are very easy to assemble. As simple as that! This way, you can be sure that your things will be well stored while you pedal around the city. And since we know that you need to carry the day on your back, our bike backpacks have ergonomics that you will love, allowing you to carry what you need to enjoy a comfortable and calm trip, without worrying about a thing!

So now you know, if you need backpacks for your bicycle, at Shad Bikes we are waiting for you with open arms and the best options.

We have noticed you, who move with ease and joy on your two wheels, and we have thought: “you need bicycle backpacks that are at your height.” So, with care and your comfort in mind, we have created a line of bicycle backpacks that are, literally, incredible for the urban cyclist. With them, you will feel free as air, with everything you need for your pedaling, but without weighing it down, because our bicycle backpacks are light and ergonomic!

The bike backpacks that you will find at Shad Bikes are easy to put on. This way, not only will you have a cool and practical bicycle backpack, but your belongings will be safer than in a safe while you cycle around your city.

But that is not all. We have thought of every detail and Shad Bikes bike backpacks are designed so that you can carry the essentials (and a little more) on your daily trips. We are convinced that a good bicycle backpack can make your experience on wheels even more enjoyable and comfortable. Let nothing stop you!

If in addition to bicycle backpacks you are also looking for other accessories, we recommend taking a look at our bicycle panniers , bicycle bags , bicycle locks and bicycle lights .

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