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Are you an urban cyclist looking for a practical and stylish way to carry your things? Our bike bags are perfect for you! Designed for people on the go like you, our bags let you glide through the streets in style and comfort. Our bicycle handlebar bags fit perfectly on the handlebars, providing you with quick and easy access to your belongings.

Shad Bikes bicycle bags are not just any accessory, they are an extension of your active and urban lifestyle. Our bicycle handlebar bags are designed to make your urban commute easier and more enjoyable, they offer you real solutions for each of your daily trips.

Do you need to bring your computer? Or maybe make the purchase and carry it comfortably on your bike? Our bike bags adapt to your needs, facilitating your urban cycling experience.

At Shad Bikes, our passion is urban cycling. We understand the needs of cyclists like you and that is why we have created bicycle bags that are not only practical and functional, but will transform the way you get around the city.

Forget about the hassle and enjoy every ride with our bike handlebar bags:

  • Ergonomic designs and high-quality materials for superior comfort.
  • Wide variety of bicycle bag models and capacities so you can find the perfect bicycle bag for you.
  • Compartments and organizing pockets to carry everything you need.
  • Modern and elegant styles of bike handlebar bags that will accompany you on any occasion.

At Shad Bikes, we challenge the status quo of bike bags, designing innovative solutions that perfectly fit the vibrant pace of the urban cyclist. Every detail of our bicycle handlebar bags or bicycle bags has been meticulously conceived to make every ride a smooth and seamless experience.

Forget about limitations. Our bicycle bags not only allow you to transport your belongings in complete safety, but they also offer you:

  • Smart Functionality: Ergonomic designs and optimized compartments for quick access and efficient organization.
  • High-quality materials: waterproof, abrasion-resistant and easy-to-clean fabrics for greater durability.
  • Safety on the move: stable fixing systems and reflective elements for greater visibility in low light conditions.
  • Urban style: elegant lines and modern colors that integrate perfectly with your personal style.

More than an accessory, an indispensable ally. At Shad Bikes, we believe that bike bags are an extension of your being, an inseparable companion on every urban adventure. Therefore, we obsess over every detail to offer you:

  • Comfort and ergonomics: lightweight, adaptable designs that adjust to your body and your bike without compromising your performance.
  • Peace of mind and confidence: the assurance that your belongings will be protected at all times, even in the most demanding conditions.
  • Freedom of movement: enjoy the city without restrictions, knowing that your handlebar bags will not prevent you from maneuvering with agility.

Experience the Shad Bikes difference. We invite you to discover a new way of experiencing the city with our bicycle bags. Feel the freedom and security of having an infallible ally on every trip. We are sure that our handlebar bags and bicycle bags will become your essential accessory to conquer the asphalt.

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