Shad Bikes

What is sustainable micromobility?

Sustainable micromobility is a philosophy of life that seeks to eliminate emissions during short trips in urban environments through the regular use of light and sustainable vehicles. It includes the use of manual bicycles and scooters and/or models of electric bicycles, scooters and motorcycles.

Advantages of the Shad Biker

Our goal is to act as leaders of sustainable micromobility. However, we also want our philosophy and way of thinking to reach you and those around you. That's why we want you to be aware of the advantages of being a Shad Biker or user of sustainable micromobility.

Moving in a system
sustainable transport

One of the greatest benefits of urban micromobility is
zero environmental impact. 23% of carbon dioxide emissions
of carbon globally comes from vehicles that emit
smoke, carbon and other harmful gases. Not to mention the
consumption of non-renewable fuels.

Minimize the
road congestion

Congestion in large cities, in addition to
be a very important source of contamination, causing
the waste of productive hours.

Increase in your well-being
physical and mental

Let's start with a compelling fact: using the bicycle
regularly reduces the risk of heart attack by up to 50%. Use
travel time to exercise has
very positive benefits for your health and mental well-being.

Economic savings

The use of a private vehicle, and even the use of public transport, has a very high cost compared to the daily cost of using a bicycle to get around: €0

Sector challenges

Prioritize pedestrians and sustainable micromobility users

Protection policies for users who travel on foot and in urban micromobility vehicles are necessary. In
In the countries where this philosophy of life works best, bicycles have priority over motor vehicles. In the Netherlands, an average of 6,500 deaths are avoided each year by using a bicycle instead of a motor vehicle to get around the city.

Develop infrastructure enabled for urban micromobility

Evolve towards the development of physical infrastructure that allows quick and safe movements of urban bicycle or scooter users.
on their usual routes. This is achieved by adapting more pedestrian areas and areas with wider and more functional lanes for bicycles and sustainable micromobility vehicles.

Develop benefit policies for urban micromobility users

Currently there are policies that encourage the use of electric cars on an economic and functional level (discount and renewal plans, free parking areas, charging points, etc.). Currently
They are beginning to develop subsidy plans for the use of electric bicycles and scooters. These measures are necessary to change the paradigm.