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Shad Bikes bicycle panniers are specially designed to attach to your bike, whether on the back, front or even the handlebars. Our bicycle panniers allow you to carry a wide variety of objects, from clothes and books to tools and food, without affecting your balance or posture when pedaling.

Why are our urban bike panniers so special? Because they are created with you in mind.

  • Greater comfort: they distribute the weight of the load evenly, avoiding fatigue and back pain.
  • Improves safety: By not carrying weight on your back, your visibility and maneuverability on the bike are better.
  • Load capacity: city bike panniers offer ample space to transport everything you need for your daily life.
  • Sustainability: they reduce the need to use the car or public transport, favoring sustainable urban mobility.

Urban bicycle panniers have become the indispensable tool for lovers of urban micromobility. Urban bike panniers allow you to transport everything you need for your daily life in the city without sacrificing comfort or safety.

City bike panniers adapt to urban dynamics. They offer enough capacity to carry clothes, books, tools, food for the day or even a laptop.

At Shad Bikes, we believe that urban mobility doesn't have to be boring. Our bicycle panniers, designed with a unique combination of functionality, style and durability, will accompany you on every urban adventure with comfort and sophistication.

What is a bicycle pannier?

A saddlebag is a bag or container specially designed to be mounted on a bicycle. It is used to transport a wide variety of objects, from clothing and books to tools and supplies. Panniers can be attached to different parts of the bicycle, such as the frame, handlebars, under the seat or, more commonly, on the sides of a rear or front rack.

High quality materials for your peace of mind

Forget worries about the weather. Made from durable materials, our saddlebags protect your belongings even in the most challenging conditions. Enjoy the freedom of pedaling no matter the rain or shine, knowing that your luggage will always be safe.

Designs that fit your unique style

We understand that each cyclist is unique. That's why we offer a wide range of saddlebags in different styles, colors and capacities. From classic and elegant models to more modern and avant-garde options, find the saddlebag that best suits your personality and needs.

Comfort and practicality for every pedal stroke

Shad Bikes panniers are designed to optimize comfort and efficiency on your urban trips. Its intelligent internal layout allows you to easily organize your personal items, while the fixing systems guarantee a secure and stable fit to your bike.

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