Bicycle accessories

We present our accessories for urban bicycles.
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Practicality and style for urban cyclists


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Diseño y funcionalidad en accesorios de bicicleta

Our philosophy

At Shad Bikes, we rely on user-focused design. We love designing bicycle accessories that give you a unique experience with every pedal stroke. How do we achieve it? Through innovative design techniques that allow us to thoroughly understand what you need as a city cyclist. Our goal is to make your bike rides more enjoyable, comfortable and functional, and our bike accessories demonstrate that dedication.

What accessories can I add to my bike?

Our brand strives to improve your urban mobility experience, and we offer you a wide range of bike accessories to equip your bicycle:

Bicycle panniers

Add extra functionality to your bike with our saddlebags designed for city cyclists like you. They are perfect for carrying your things safely and comfortably.

Bicycle bags

Shad Bikes bags are the perfect complement for your urban bike trips. With a practical design, this type of cycling accessories fit into your daily rhythm.

Bicycle backpacks

Do you like to carry your things with you? Our backpacks are made especially for urban cyclists like you, with specific compartments and comfort-oriented features.

Bicycle locks

Safety is essential. Store your bike with our robust locks and enjoy the peace of mind that these bicycle accessories offer you.

bicycle lights

Prioritize visibility and safety with our lights designed for city cyclists. Whether you ride day or night, this bike accessory will ensure you are always visible on urban streets.

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