Shad Bikes

Return policy

Can I return
an order?

Of course! We want your satisfaction to be complete every time you get a
product at Shad Bikes. If you want to return a product you have 30 days from the
of the shipment to obtain a refund of the product.

How do I have to
return the product?

For the full refund of the product to be effective we must receive the
ordered as we sent it.

Product without any use :
The product cannot have been used before the return.

Product in perfect condition* :
The product cannot present damage or imperfections.

Original label and packaging :
The product must have the label and packaging.

*If the return is due to damage during transportation, the conditions will be investigated
in which the product arrived.

Does it have any cost
for me?

Return costs are considered in two different situations:

Returns for damaged or defective items:
If the product has a factory defect or has been damaged during transportation, do not
You will assume the costs of return shipping.

Returns or exchanges due to change of mind:
In these cases you will assume the costs of return shipping.

When will I receive
the refund?

At Shad Bikes we try to be as fast as possible. Once we have the product
reviewed in our warehouses, the full refund process will be processed.
You will have the money in your account in 2/3 business days from the completion of the review process.