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Forget about steep hills and endless sweat. Pedal-assisted bicycles (also known as e-bikes or electric bicycles) are revolutionizing the way we move around the city.

Imagine a bicycle that helps you pedal, propelling you with an electric motor every time you pedal. You will feel as if the wind is always blowing in your favor, allowing you to reach your destination faster, effortlessly and without breaking a sweat.

How does it work?

It is very simple. The pedal-assisted bicycle has a sensor that detects your pedaling. When you start pedaling, the electric motor activates and gives you an extra boost. The amount of support you receive depends on the level of support you have selected.

What are the benefits?

Pedal-assist bicycles offer a host of benefits:

  • They help you go further and faster: with the assistance of the electric motor, you can cover greater distances effortlessly.
  • Climbing hills is no longer a problem: forget about steep slopes. The motor assistance will help you overcome them with ease.
  • Arrive at your destination without sweating: You will no longer have to arrive at work or your appointments drenched in sweat.
  • It is an ecological alternative: electric bicycles do not pollute, making them an ideal option to take care of the environment.
  • It's a fun and healthy way to move: pedaling with electric assistance is a fun and beneficial physical activity for your health.

How is it different from a normal bicycle?

The main difference between a pedal-assist bicycle and a normal bicycle is the electric motor. The electric bike gives you an extra boost that helps you pedal, while the regular bike has no power assistance.

Is a pedal-assist bike ideal for me?

Pedal-assist bikes are a great option for a wide variety of people:

  • For people who want an easier and more comfortable way to get around the city
  • For people looking for an ecological alternative to the car or public transport
  • For people who want to exercise in a gentle and healthy way (a study from Brigham Young University compares cardiovascular activity between traditional and electric bicycle cyclists, concluding that cycling with electric bikes also constitutes a form of aerobic exercise )
  • For people who have difficulty pedaling a normal bicycle
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Bicycle operation with assisted pedaling

Pedal-assisted bicycles (e-bikes) are not just regular bicycles with a motor. They are an intelligent system that combines human power with electrical assistance to create a unique pedaling experience.

How this system works in detail

1. Sensors: the brain of the e-bike

The pedal-assisted bicycle is equipped with several sensors that monitor your pedaling, speed and other parameters. These sensors are the eyes of the system, letting it know when and how to provide assistance.

2. Controller: the conductor of the orchestra

The controller is the brain of the e-bike. It receives information from the sensors and, based on the configuration you have chosen, decides how much assistance the motor should provide.

3. Engine: brute force

The motor is the muscle of the e-bike. It is responsible for providing the electrical assistance that helps you pedal. There are different types and powers, which influences the speed and performance of the bicycle.

4. Battery: the source of energy

The battery is the heart of the e-bike. It is what provides the energy necessary for the engine to work. The battery capacity determines the range of the bicycle, that is, the distance you can travel on a single charge.

How is assistance activated?

There are two main ways to activate the assist on a pedal-assist bicycle:

  • Pedal Assist: Assist is automatically activated when you start pedaling. The amount of assistance depends on the level you have selected and how hard you pedal.
  • Throttle: Some e-bikes also have a throttle that allows you to activate the assistance without having to pedal.

Modes of use

Bicycles with pedal assist usually have different modes of use that allow you to customize the pedaling experience:

  • Eco mode: saves battery and provides minimal assistance.
  • Normal mode: offers a balance between assistance and autonomy.
  • Sport mode: Provides maximum assistance for a more powerful drive.

Types of bicycles with assisted pedaling

The world of pedal-assisted bicycles (e-bikes) is wide and diverse. There are different types of e-bikes designed to meet the needs of each user. At this point, we will guide you through the most common types:

1. Electric mountain bikes (eMTB)

eMTBs let you explore challenging terrain more easily. They have robust features like front and rear suspension, wide tires, and powerful motors that help you overcome obstacles and climb steep hills.

2. Electric urban bicycles (eCity)

eCities are perfect for urban life. They are light, comfortable and practical, with designs that make driving in the city easier . Its electric assistance allows you to move quickly and effortlessly, even during rush hour or in traffic.

3. Electric road bikes (eRoad)

eRoads are designed for cycling enthusiasts looking to improve their performance and expand their routes. They offer a pedaling experience similar to a traditional road bike, but with the advantage of electric assistance to tackle long distances and slopes.

4. Electric folding bicycles (eFolding)

eFolding are the ideal option for those looking for a compact and versatile bicycle. They fold easily to transport them in the car, bus or subway, and their electric assistance allows you to move around the city with agility.

Other options

In addition to these main types, there are also electric cargo bikes, electric gravel bikes, and electric hybrid bikes. Each of them has its own characteristics and is designed for a specific use.

How to choose the right electric bicycle?

To choose the ideal pedal-assisted bicycle for you, you should consider:

  • Your budget: e-bikes can range in price from a few hundred euros to several thousand. highlights that electric bicycles are more economical than combustion cars and motorcycles and help combat urban air pollution because they do not emit CO2.
  • The use you will give it: will you use it to go to work, to play sports or to go on excursions?
  • The terrain you will ride on: do you need a robust mountain bike or a light one for the city?
  • Your autonomy: how far do you want to travel on a single charge?

Legislation on pedal-assisted bicycles

Bicycles with pedal assistance are increasingly popular, but it is important to know the regulations that govern them. At this point, we will guide you through current Spanish legislation so that you can ride your e-bike safely and legally.

Classification of e-bikes

In Spain, pedal-assisted bicycles are classified into two categories:

EPAC (Electrically Power Assisted Cycles)

  • Maximum speed: 25 km/h
  • Maximum motor power: 250 W ( legal W )
  • They do not need registration or driving license.
  • They are considered bicycles for legal purposes.


  • Maximum speed: 45 km/h
  • Maximum motor power: 4,000 W
  • They are considered mopeds for legal purposes.
  • They need registration, driving license and mandatory insurance.

Traffic rules

Bicycles with EPAC category assisted pedaling must circulate in the same places as normal bicycles:

  • Bike lanes: whenever possible.
  • Streets with a single platform: in case there is no bike lane.
  • Road: if there is no bike lane or single platform, on the right shoulder.

Bicycles with assisted pedaling of the Pedelec category must travel on the road like mopeds:

  • Respect traffic signs.
  • Wearing a helmet is mandatory.
  • Do not circulate on sidewalks or pedestrian areas.


It is important to remember that, as the driver of a pedal-assist bicycle, you are responsible for:

  • Circulate safely and responsibly.
  • Respect traffic rules.
  • Keep your bike in good condition.

Maintenance and care of your bicycle with assisted pedaling

Pedal-assisted bicycles (e-bikes) are an investment that requires proper maintenance to ensure their proper functioning and prolong their useful life. At this point, we will guide you through some basic tips to take care of your e-bike:


  • The battery is the most important component of the e-bike . Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for charging and storage.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures and shocks that could damage it.
  • Perform full charge cycles from time to time to maintain its health.


  • The e-bike motor does not require extensive maintenance.
  • Keep the engine area clean and free of dust or dirt.
  • In case of unusual noises or vibrations, go to a specialized workshop.

General components

  • Check the tire pressure frequently.
  • Lubricate the chain and cables regularly.
  • Adjust the brakes and lights to ensure proper operation.
  • Perform a general cleaning of the bicycle after each use.

Additional Tips

  • Store your e-bike in a safe and dry place.
  • If you are not going to use it for an extended period, store the battery with a 50% charge.
  • Protects the battery from extreme cold during winter.
  • Register your e-bike with the manufacturer for assistance in case of problems.

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  • The useful life of an e-bike battery may vary depending on how it is used.
  • It is important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations to extend its useful life.
  • If you don't feel confident performing maintenance on your own, go to a workshop that specializes in pedal-assist bicycles.


Pedal-assisted bicycles (e-bikes) have arrived to revolutionize the way we move. They are an ecological, efficient and fun alternative to the car, public transport and traditional bicycles.

The advantages of e-bikes are several:

  • They help you go further and faster.
  • Climbing hills is no longer a problem.
  • Get to your destination without breaking a sweat.
  • It is an ecological alternative to the car or public transport.
  • It's a fun and healthy way to move.

If you are looking for an easier, more comfortable and ecological way to get around the city, a pedal-assisted bicycle may be the perfect solution for you.

Shad Bikes Expert Opinion

At Shad Bikes we believe in the potential of pedal-assisted bicycles (e-bikes) to transform urban mobility.

E-bikes are not only an alternative to the car or public transport, but they are also a fun and healthy way to get around the city.

At Shad Bikes, we are committed to developing innovative accessories that fit the needs of e-bike users.

Our product range includes panniers , bags , locks , backpacks and lights .