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Great news for lovers of urban cycling and innovative design!

Shad bikes is proud to announce that our designer saddlebags for urban bicycles, the Shad Daily and Executive models, have been selected to be part of the prestigious Delta 2024 Selection. This recognition is granted by the ADI Awards 2024, organized by ADI-FAD , an institution that since 1961 has celebrated the best in industrial design through the Delta Awards, the ADI Medals for students since 1976, and the ADI Culture Awards, started in 2016.

Delta Selection

The Delta 2024 Selection is distinguished by recognizing the state of the art of industrial design in the country, biennially selecting those products that not only stand out for their innovation and quality, but also represent a reference index for the sector, offering a valuable platform. promotion and public recognition. In this framework, Shad Daily and Executive  They not only stand out for their functionality and aesthetics but also for their contribution to the world of design and urban mobility.

Daily bike panniers

The inclusion of our saddlebags in the Delta 2024 Selection is an example of Shad's commitment to design excellence and innovation. Designed with the modern urban cyclist in mind, our saddlebags combine superior functionality with stylish design, ensuring your belongings are secure and accessible without compromising style.

This year, the Delta Awards Expert Committee, made up of prominent names in the field of design such as Júlia Esqué, Tomàs López, and Raffaella Perrone, among others, met to select the products that will compete for the Delta Gold, Silver or Bronze, as well as the Opinion Delta. In addition, the selected products will be part of the “Premios ADI” exhibition at the Disseny Hub Barcelona and will be highlighted in the ADI Book, the book and yearbook of the ADI Awards.

We are delighted to be part of this important event and look forward to the verdict of the international jury on May 21, 2024, as well as the awards ceremony on June 13, 2024 at the Disseny Hub Barcelona. This recognition is not only an honor for Shad-Bikes but also an impetus to continue innovating and offering high-quality products that respond to the needs of urban cyclists.

Committed to design

For Shad, this recognition reinforces our commitment to design and innovation in the field of urban mobility. We will continue working to offer luggage solutions that are not only practical and safe, but also add aesthetic value to the urban cycling experience. We invite all cycling and design enthusiasts to explore our range of designer panniers for urban bikes at, where functionality meets style.

Executive Bike Backpacks

At Shad, we firmly believe that design is an essential part of the cycling experience. That's why we are proud to contribute to a design culture that values ​​aesthetics, innovation and sustainability. We are excited for what the future holds and we thank ADI-FAD for recognizing our work and our clients and followers for their continued support.

Let's celebrate this achievement together and continue pedaling towards a future where design and mobility come together to create unforgettable experiences!

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