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Bike saddle bags are small compartments that attach directly under the saddle of your bike. They are ideal for storing essential items such as repair tools, inner tubes, a mobile phone, keys or even a small first aid kit. Their compact design and strategic location make them perfect for cyclists looking for practicality without affecting the aerodynamic performance or stability of the bike.

Bicycle saddle bags are especially useful for urban cyclists who need to carry small items, but they are also very popular with mountain and road cyclists, due to their ease of access and resistance to road conditions.

Over time, its design has evolved considerably. Now, bicycle saddle bags are made of modern materials such as durable nylon, neoprene or even waterproof materials to protect their contents. In addition, the fixing systems have improved, incorporating elements such as adjustable velcro or clip systems that facilitate installation and removal.

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Advantages of bicycle saddle bags

One of the main advantages of bicycle saddle bags is their comfort. They sit just under the saddle, meaning they won't interfere with your pedaling or riding posture. In addition, their location makes them easily accessible, allowing you to reach what you need without having to stop.

Aerodynamic efficiency

Unlike other bike storage options, bike saddle bags are designed to minimize wind resistance. Their aerodynamic shape and strategic position under the saddle make them perfect for cyclists who care about maintaining good speed and efficiency on their rides.


Bicycle saddle bags come in different sizes and styles, meaning there is one for every type of cyclist. It doesn't matter if you are an urban cyclist who needs to carry the essentials, a mountain cyclist looking for robustness and resistance, or a road cyclist who needs something light and aerodynamic; There is always a saddle bag that suits your needs.


Many bicycle saddle bags include reflective elements or the ability to attach lights, increasing your visibility in low light conditions. This is essential for safety on the road, especially if you often ride at dawn, dusk or at night.

Easy installation and removal

Most bicycle saddle bags can be easily installed and removed, thanks to mounting systems such as Velcro, buckles or quick clips. This is especially useful if you use your bike for different activities and need to adapt equipment quickly.